Experts when it comes to professional indemnity insurance Australia wide


Insurance of any description can sometimes seem like more trouble than it’s worth. With so many different policies and premiums and clauses and all those sorts of things, it can be a nightmare to navigate on your own, and if you never make a claim it can seem like a waste of time. But insurance is important, be it for your car, home or health. I’ve recently opened my own practice and immediately I applied for professional indemnity insurance through BRIC. BRIC act as a broker, and they were able to navigate the tricky path that is insurance for me, finding the best policy for my practice. They provide professional indemnity insurance Australia wide and if you’re a professional of any kind, it’ll pay to speak to BRIC.

Head to Haven Fencing for electric gates


My business partner recently built a new home from the ground up and finished up by landscaping the front yard. It’s a beautiful property, with a sandstone driveway winding up the front yard to the Victorian-style home. The finishing touch was an electric gate at the front fence. Smooth, sleek and operates perfectly, so much so that it convinced me to get one for my own property.


I asked him who installed it and he said it was a secret. I hassled him for days before he finally gave in. Haven Fencing. Well, I gave Haven Fencing a call that very same day and they’re coming out soon to measure everything up. Here’s hoping it looks as good as my partner’s! I’m sure it will – he swears these guys do the best electric gate Melbourne wide.

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The highest quality blinds Melbourne has to offer


My husband and I have recently bought our first home and we’ve just started redecorating inside. The first thing we’re going to do is replace all the curtains. The both of us have always preferred blinds over curtains as they’re much more practical and modern looking, so we did a bit of research and stumbled upon Blockout Blinds. They seemed to be getting positive reviews everywhere we looked, so that was a great start. It wasn’t hard to see why. Their range of blinds Melbourne wide was unreal – roller blinds, roman blinds, venetian, timber, outdoor and heaps more. We ended up getting roller blinds in the lounge room and bedrooms, timber venetians for the kitchen, and then a few café blinds for the entertaining area out the backyard. The guys that came out were very professional, and got the job done in record time. Highly recommended.

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Coffee roasters Australia deserves


We’re a nation of coffee lovers, and I’m no exception. I’ll have at least 2 – 3 cups of coffee per day, and most of the time that will be at home. I buy beans and brew it at home myself – always tastes better when you make it yourself. A friend of mine put me onto Cisco’s Coffee a few years back and I’ve never gone anywhere else since. Their range of coffee is sourced from all over the world and then roasted right here in Melbourne. Cuban, Ethiopian, organic, fair trade – you name it, they’ve got it. As far as I can tell, they’re the finest coffee roasters Australia has, and I can’t see myself buying it from anywhere else ever again.

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Want to know where to find the best shoes Australia wide?


If there’s one item of clothing which you can be fussy with, it should be shoes. When you purchase shoes, you want to get a few years out of them at least. They’ve got to be comfortable no matter how often you wear them, but they’ve also got to look the part.

So many times in the past I’ve bought shoes I thought seemed alright, but the quality was poor and that showed pretty quickly. After sorting through the trash, I’ve found the treasure. Novo Shoes. They cover all the above, and yet their prices are very competitive. They stock their shoes Australia wide, too, so you’ll find a pair no matter where you are. Take my word for it.


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Nobody does designer jeans like Nobody Denim


There’s something about designer jeans that leaves others far behind. The cut is always a little better, the fit much more flattering. I’m not normally the kind of person who spends more on a certain label just for the sake of it but with clothes, especially jeans, you really do get what you pay for. Take Nobody Denim for example.

They’ve been one of my favourites for years, and I’ve always bought my designer jeans from them. They’re not as expensive as you’d expect, but they’re by far the highest quality jeans I’ve ever owned – in fact, I think I heard a rumor that Miranda Kerr wears the same ones! That aside, they’re a really great company that does one thing really well. For the best jeans you’ll ever own, I suggest Nobody Denim.


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Wedding Dresses Melbourne Buyers’ Guide



Buying wedding dresses Melbourne should be a pleasure and not a headache. Take friend that have no problem being honest with you, don’t drink too much and be careful getting in and out of dresses. Pick one of Melbourne’s premier wedding dress shopping neighbourhoods like South Yarra or Armadale and give yourself plenty of time.

I love The Designer Bridal Room and think it’s certainly one for the hit list. The staff there really know body shape and they have a great range to work with. It’s neither cheap nor grossly unaffordable, hitting that sweet spot in the middle that is just right for most of us mortal women. The key is to spoil yourself without bankrupting yourself, remember that.

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Frozen Meals from Dineamic


A snap frozen meal retains all of the flavour and nutrients of something prepared fresh and can be a great way to manage a busy lifestyle. Dineamic offer a wonderful range of healthy frozen food for all sorts of dietary considerations. My sister uses them for weight management whereas for me it’s much more about regulating my nutrition.

We both love the taste and convenience and that you can really see results. I cook a bit but I just don’t care enough to make great meals for myself all the time and because I live alone I often have to chuck stuff out. For me, Dineamic frozen meals are perfect, I’ve always got a few on hand for when I need them.

The best Yarra Valley winery tours



My husband and I have just moved down to Victoria after living in QLD for the past 24 years. We moved into a little town in the Yarra Valley. Unbeknown to us, Yarra Valley is famous for its wine and we’re huge wine drinkers, so that’s great news. We still don’t know the area all that well, so we looked up various Yarra Valley winery tours to give us a bit of an idea. The best seemed to be those on offer from Dreamscape Tours. Everything would be organised for us – the wineries, the food, the transport, the works. A shuttle bus even picked us up from our house. We had an excellent day and it was a great way to explore the wineries in our area. We’ll be back for sure!

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How to Get a Diploma of Nursing Online


Smiling Physician near New Family

It’s been an interesting 18 months. After graduating from uni with a degree in finance, I realised after 6 months on the job that this wasn’t what I wanted to do. Not only were the hours long, but the work just wasn’t rewarding and I felt as if I’d made a mistake. Truth be told, I’d always wanted to do nursing but never committed to it as a career in finance seemed much more lucrative to me as a high school student. Well, no more. I quit my job and decided I’d go back and get a Diploma of Nursing online and finally study something I loved. I knew just where to look, too – Acquire Learning, after I’d read an article about them in the Australian Financial Review (I suppose my job in finance was good for something!)

Acquire Learning have a really interesting business model – they bring together dozens of different course providers and institutions from all over the country and put them in one place online so that it’s easy to browse each course and see what’s on offer. It’s sort of like Seek, but with degrees and diplomas instead of jobs. They differ greatly from your regular universities and TAFE colleges and they actually take the time to figure out which course is going to be right for you instead of you doing all the guesswork. They look at your skillset, your strengths and weaknesses, past experience and so forth, and basically find the exact course you’ll need to get your career on track.

It’s now been 6 months since I quit my job in finance and 3 months since I started my diploma in nursing and I couldn’t be happier. I finally feel like I’m where I belong – I’m learning so much every day and I’m actually getting to help people and change their lives for the better. It’s such a rewarding feeling. I’ve got so much in common with the other students in my class, too, whereas I felt a bit like a fish out of water in my old job. I know this is where I’m supposed to be, and I could not have done it without all the help and direction I’ve been given from the company Acquire Learning.

They’re similar to other institutions in that you can still get VET-Fee Help to enrol, meaning you start paying back the course fees once you’re qualified and earning over a certain amount. And you get all the hands-on experience you’re ever going to need – already I’ve worked in a few different nursing homes and health care clinics, and next week I’m doing a few shifts at a rehabilitation centre, which should be very interesting.

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