Kitchen Cupboard Doors We Should Have Done Sooner


We have a lot of kitchen cupboard doors. I don’t think that’s uncommon and a kitchen, especially a white one can really show its age. Ours had certainly taken a beating and it showed in the cupboard doors, which were long overdue for a bit of love.


We had some cupboard doors barely hanging on their hinges that wouldn’t close properly and many of them were chipped and faded. I’m not sure if the timber had been such great quality to begin with. They were certainly a far cry from the sort of quality of the new ones from Universal Timbers. We had them make up 9 new cupboard doors and have them delivered. Everything about the new ones was the finest quality.

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Womens Sandals summer After Summer


At the beginning of the summer my Naturalizer sandals finally gave out. They’ve given me quite a few seasons of comfort and style so I couldn’t really be upset but I did get the wonderful opportunity to replace them. I love going online to the Naturalizer store and having a look at all the cool new styles they’ve come up with. You’re pretty much guaranteed a great shoe so it’s a no brainer.


I have had a few different pairs of shoes from Naturalizer but I really think they excel when it comes to sandals. So many companies make sandals impractical or just tragic looking so to address the key factors time and again with really stunning sandals is always impressive to me.

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Professional Removalists Gold Coast


Woodhouse Removals are the professional removalists Gold Coast. They are reliable and friendly and can be trusted with your valuables. We weren’t able to be around for the whole move because of all the running around involved. We knew that was going to be the case so were really particular when we spoke to different removalists Gold Coast.


There was only one company that really made us feel comfortable and confident they could handle the job professionally and responsibly. The surprising thing was that Woodhouse Removals prices were as good as anyone’s so we didn’t have to sacrifice on any front for the quality we wanted. I would certainly recommend them and use them again for our next house move.

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Wedding Videography Sydney Do’s and Don’ts


I really recommend getting involved in your wedding videography. As a planner I see all sorts of couples take different approaches to the finer points. This is one where sweating the small stuff really makes a difference. Planning the sites where you want to be videoed well in advance, as well as the time of day and getting some help with this is always recommended.


Anyone providing good wedding videography Sydney should be able to guide you through these decisions, but not make them for you. They have the expertise but you know who you are and how you’d like to be portrayed and that does benefit from consideration. C2 Video are really the best when it comes to capturing the moments and telling your story.

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Interstate Removalists Take Care All the Way There


There’s nothing that makes me more anxious than a big move except maybe a big move interstate. Some people pick up and move around all the time, even overseas. I am a self confessed hoarder; I like to nest and grow attached to my surrounds.


Every so often decisions get made for you and that’s exactly what happened to me late last year when I found I had to move to Queensland. Not exactly my idea of a good time but I did get a lot of help from McClure’s Moving & Storage. They were so caring and attentive when it came to interstate removals and really were understanding about my anxieties. I’d never choose to do it again, but at least now I know I could.

Once you get a heated towel rack, you’ll never go back


My husband and I just redid our bathroom and added a few new touches here and there. The one that I pushed the hardest for was a heated towel rack. I know it seems like a bit of an unnecessary luxury but we live in the bush and it gets very cold in the bathroom in winter. A warm towel straight out of the shower could make all the difference, I think. The company that installed the heated towel rack was called Hunt Heating, and they do all sorts of heating appliances for the home.


They had a whole heap to choose from and weren’t nearly as expensive as you’d imagine. My husband kept telling me we didn’t need one, but he’s used it every single day since we had it installed.

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You won’t find better forklifts, trust me


Working in a shipping yard can be a dangerous game at times. It’s a fast paced job with lots of heavy equipment and machinery, everything happening all at once. If you’re not careful, a serious injury could be right around the corner. I like to pride myself on being a safe kind of guy, and all the equipment we use is well maintained and of the highest quality. Take the forklifts. Our forklifts are all supplied by NTP, a fantastic company we’ve used for years. Their attention to detail and workmanship is why we always will. If you’re in the forklift game, you’d do well to give NTP Forklifts a call.

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Superior car hoists from Tufflift


My old man was a mechanic his whole life, and everything I know about cars, I learned from him. I didn’t exactly follow in his footsteps and become a mechanic, but I do tinker on cars from time to time as more of a hobby. Just recently I bought a new car hoist as I get a bad back crawling under the car on the ground. The car hoists from Tufflift were the best by far, and these guys really know their stuff. No nonsense, superior gear that’s guaranteed to get the job done. Beauty. I fit the car hoists into my garage and they work sensationally. Cheers, Tufflift.

Experts when it comes to professional indemnity insurance Australia wide


Insurance of any description can sometimes seem like more trouble than it’s worth. With so many different policies and premiums and clauses and all those sorts of things, it can be a nightmare to navigate on your own, and if you never make a claim it can seem like a waste of time. But insurance is important, be it for your car, home or health. I’ve recently opened my own practice and immediately I applied for professional indemnity insurance through BRIC. BRIC act as a broker, and they were able to navigate the tricky path that is insurance for me, finding the best policy for my practice. They provide professional indemnity insurance Australia wide and if you’re a professional of any kind, it’ll pay to speak to BRIC.

Head to Haven Fencing for electric gates


My business partner recently built a new home from the ground up and finished up by landscaping the front yard. It’s a beautiful property, with a sandstone driveway winding up the front yard to the Victorian-style home. The finishing touch was an electric gate at the front fence. Smooth, sleek and operates perfectly, so much so that it convinced me to get one for my own property.


I asked him who installed it and he said it was a secret. I hassled him for days before he finally gave in. Haven Fencing. Well, I gave Haven Fencing a call that very same day and they’re coming out soon to measure everything up. Here’s hoping it looks as good as my partner’s! I’m sure it will – he swears these guys do the best electric gate Melbourne wide.

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