Wedding Dresses Melbourne Buyers’ Guide



Buying wedding dresses Melbourne should be a pleasure and not a headache. Take friend that have no problem being honest with you, don’t drink too much and be careful getting in and out of dresses. Pick one of Melbourne’s premier wedding dress shopping neighbourhoods like South Yarra or Armadale and give yourself plenty of time.

I love The Designer Bridal Room and think it’s certainly one for the hit list. The staff there really know body shape and they have a great range to work with. It’s neither cheap nor grossly unaffordable, hitting that sweet spot in the middle that is just right for most of us mortal women. The key is to spoil yourself without bankrupting yourself, remember that.

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Frozen Meals from Dineamic


A snap frozen meal retains all of the flavour and nutrients of something prepared fresh and can be a great way to manage a busy lifestyle. Dineamic offer a wonderful range of healthy frozen food for all sorts of dietary considerations. My sister uses them for weight management whereas for me it’s much more about regulating my nutrition.

We both love the taste and convenience and that you can really see results. I cook a bit but I just don’t care enough to make great meals for myself all the time and because I live alone I often have to chuck stuff out. For me, Dineamic frozen meals are perfect, I’ve always got a few on hand for when I need them.

How to Get a Diploma of Nursing Online


Smiling Physician near New Family

It’s been an interesting 18 months. After graduating from uni with a degree in finance, I realised after 6 months on the job that this wasn’t what I wanted to do. Not only were the hours long, but the work just wasn’t rewarding and I felt as if I’d made a mistake. Truth be told, I’d always wanted to do nursing but never committed to it as a career in finance seemed much more lucrative to me as a high school student. Well, no more. I quit my job and decided I’d go back and get a Diploma of Nursing online and finally study something I loved. I knew just where to look, too – Acquire Learning, after I’d read an article about them in the Australian Financial Review (I suppose my job in finance was good for something!)

Acquire Learning have a really interesting business model – they bring together dozens of different course providers and institutions from all over the country and put them in one place online so that it’s easy to browse each course and see what’s on offer. It’s sort of like Seek, but with degrees and diplomas instead of jobs. They differ greatly from your regular universities and TAFE colleges and they actually take the time to figure out which course is going to be right for you instead of you doing all the guesswork. They look at your skillset, your strengths and weaknesses, past experience and so forth, and basically find the exact course you’ll need to get your career on track.

It’s now been 6 months since I quit my job in finance and 3 months since I started my diploma in nursing and I couldn’t be happier. I finally feel like I’m where I belong – I’m learning so much every day and I’m actually getting to help people and change their lives for the better. It’s such a rewarding feeling. I’ve got so much in common with the other students in my class, too, whereas I felt a bit like a fish out of water in my old job. I know this is where I’m supposed to be, and I could not have done it without all the help and direction I’ve been given from the company Acquire Learning.

They’re similar to other institutions in that you can still get VET-Fee Help to enrol, meaning you start paying back the course fees once you’re qualified and earning over a certain amount. And you get all the hands-on experience you’re ever going to need – already I’ve worked in a few different nursing homes and health care clinics, and next week I’m doing a few shifts at a rehabilitation centre, which should be very interesting.

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Let’s hear it for Rent Bond Move!



When I moved into my new rental property about a month back, I thought everything was going to go smoothly. I consider myself to be quite an organised person and I thought I’d covered all my bases, but as we all know that what can happen, will happen. And what happened was my bond amount that was supposed to have been returned to me got held up and wasn’t going to clear until a week or so after I was due in my new place. Fantastic. Straight away, I called up Rent Bond Move because the same thing happened to my friend a while back and they were able to help him. They specialise in short term bond loans, which are designed to cover the costs of the bond amount that needs to be paid straight away. I knew I’d miss out on the apartment if I couldn’t get the loan, but luckily the money was in my account the very next day and I got it to the landlord straight away. Crisis averted. Now I’m in my new place, the old bond just got returned to me and I can pay the new one off straight away – easy! Thanks for the help, Rent Bond Move – couldn’t have done it without you.

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The most impressive house and land packages Carrum Downs has ever seen!



My wife and I have lived in our inner city apartment for about 2 years now, but after the recent arrival of our newborn baby twins we realised an upgrade in house size was necessary. We love city life, but we want somewhere with a little more space to raise the kids, and so we thought we’d look in Carrum Downs.

I’ve got some family down that way and we both enjoy the beach when we’ve got the time, so it sounded perfect. I’ve got a brother in the industry and he suggested we find a builder through House and Land Packages Melbourne. Because they have so many different builders, each house and land package is different from the next and each home is completely unique – great news, as we were dreading getting a home that looked the same as all the others at the moment.

We found a builder we liked from Spec Property Developments and he was willing to get our input so that we could all agree on something we loved. We purchased a nice little town house not too far from the beach, and it’s got a great garden in the backyard, big enough for a small granny flat, which the twins will love when they’re older.

If you’re looking for house and land packages Carrum Downs or close by, I’d suggest giving this company a call.

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Don’t know what bond loans are? Speak to the experts – they can help



I work as a real estate agent for a medium sized firm in the city. I specialise in rental apartments, and I’ve got about a dozen or more clients all in the same few city blocks, some even in the same building. It’s a great area of Brisbane, lots of small businesses and shops, cafes and restaurants, and all the apartment buildings are quite modern and comfortable. A lot of the applicants I speak with are a little younger – perhaps early twenties – and the prospect of paying a month of rent AND a bond in advance can seem quite daunting. As a real estate agent, there’s nothing I can do about it. I mediate between the applicant and the landlord and the RTA, but the costs and terms of the bond and rent is decided by the latter. If you’re struggling to get the cash together for the bond amount, I would suggest you look at bond loans. One company in particular, Bond Loans QLD, have been providing these for a long time through Brisbane and the rest of QLD, and it could be the difference between securing a new property or not. It’s a short term loan designed specifically to cover the costs of moving property and it’s not a problem to pay it all off in one go once your cash flow is back to normal. It’s not easy to move, so make it as stress-free as you can. Speak to the experts.

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Lifespan Kids have heaps of trampolines for sale – check them out!


I run a small day-care centre in Melbourne, and recently we’ve given out outdoor play equipment a bit of an overhaul. Some of it was a little old and a little weathered, and we want to have the best for the kids. I went online to see what I could find and I kept coming back to Lifespan Kids. Among other things, they’ve got a huge range of trampolines for sale which was the first thing on our list. Naturally, safety is paramount to us – all their trampolines are safety certified and come with reinforced safety nets and pads, zinc coated springs, galvanised steel frames and reinforced joints. Needless to say, these trampolines are the real deal. We got a couple in different sizes – the 8ft option for the littler kids, and a 16ft for the older ones. So far, so good – they all love them! It’s now harder than ever to get them to come back inside after playtime, but is well worth it. It’s good to know that the kids are having fun and getting some exercise, and they’re in safe hands when doing so. I’d recommend Lifespan Kids to anyone for trampolines and other outdoor play equipment.



Cross trainers are the way to go


I’m a personal trainer. I’ve got a pretty varied range of clients – from young and old, to extremely fit or out of shape. It’s great to see them trying as hard as they can and reaching their goals, and I’m proud to help them along the way. I’m always asked what extra can be done at home outside of our sessions, and aside from eating healthy and general exercise, the best advice I could give would be to get yourself a cross trainer. Cross trainers are not only good for cardio, but they work your muscles too and you end up with a really intense workout. Lifespan Fitness have a great range of cross trainers to suit all levels – whether you’re a bona fide gym junkie or just starting out, you’re sure to find something that’s right for you. Some of the units are quite compact, so they’re easy to fit in the home or even in the office. For just a few hundred dollars you can get yourself a machine that you’ll use for years to come, and you won’t regret it when you’re in the best shape of your life. So remember – eat well, live well, and get yourself a cross trainer.


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In need of a kidney detox? You can’t go past PPC Herbs


Ever had kidney stones? Not pleasant, I’ll tell you that much. I admit it was most likely my own fault – I’d been drinking too many sugary drinks and not nearly enough water, so the doctor wasn’t entirely surprised when he gave me the diagnosis. I’d never had kidney stones before and I was a little lost. I preferred to treat it naturally if possible, and the doctor was kind enough to skip a pharmaceutical recommendation and sent me straight in the direction of PPC Herbs. Thanks, doc!

PPC Herbs gave me a full kidney detox in the way of Fluid Plex – a natural medicine comprised of, among other things, parsley leaf, gravel root, ginger, and golden rod herb. It really helped to clear me out and already I’m feeling much better. I reckon I’ll go back to PPC Herbs if any other ailment comes my way, too – their service is really professional and they take the time to explain exactly what’s going into your body, what it does, and why it’s good for you. That kind of advice is really rare these days, and I appreciate the effort they took. If you’re into natural and herbal remedies, you can’t go past PPC Herbs.

Easy Self Storage in Melbourne


I don’t need anything glamorous from self storage in Melbourne, I just wanted something convenient and affordable I could access 24 hours a day without needing to give notice.

A few places couldn’t provide some or all of those things but I landed on some guys called Discount City Storage.

They tick all the boxes for me, and everyone there is pretty friendly.

I haven’t got a lot of things in storage and certainly not my most valuable possessions but it is nice to know my things are being looked after and kept safe when I’m not around, they are definitely worth getting in touch with for self storage in Melbourne if they have a location convenient for you, visit

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