House and Land Packages Melbourne You’ve Been Waiting For


I always looked at house and land packages Melbourne as a great option if only a developer would get it right. Too many are too far out or make the homes too generic. Often the grounds and facilities just look too generic so I just never found that the practice lived up to the theory.

Five Squared really bucked that trend and impressed me from the moment I came across them. As an estate agent I understand what people are looking for in a home, and it’s clear that Five Squared do as well. They had all the things we were looking for and that is really quite a feat. That’s why we call a Five Squared community home and I advocate their house and land packages Melbourne to all of my friends and family.

If you’re suffering from back in pregnancy, Bump Moves can help

If there is one thing I could change about having a child, it would be pack pain during pregnancy. I never get morning sickness, my joints rarely play up, but I do suffer from quite painful lower back pain. Most of the time it’s a dull throbbing, but there are occasions where it’s quite a sharp pain that leaves me unable to do much. I searched online, trying to find any information that might help, and I came across Bump Moves.

They operate an online store, but they’re also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything related to pregnancies. Their page on back pain in pregnancy was a huge help – I ended up getting relief from a physiotherapist after taking their advice. I even enrolled in pregnancy pilates classes, all on Bump Moves’ recommendations. They really know their stuff.

The underfloor heating Australia loves

It was last winter that I decided enough was enough and finally spoke to someone about installing proper heating system in my home. I knew I had to do something when I felt as though I could no longer feel my toes, and that I would simply have to grit my teeth and bear the cost.

Alas, thanks to Speedheat it was hardly as costly as I expect, with their under floor heating solutions being simple to install as well as competitively priced. More than that however, their innovative underfloor heating Australia wide was designed in a way to be more cost effective than ever to run. If you’re wary about getting a heating system because of the cost like me, then speak to Speedheat, you won’t regret it.

You’ll be moving in no time with a bit of help from bond loans

Moving out for the first time can be scary, and financially stressful, what with furnishing your new place, the new monthly expense of rent, removalists and the bond to boot. Personally I think I know this better than any simply because first time movers are something I deal with every day as a property manager.

Because I like to think I’m pretty good at my job, I like to go that extra mile with my tenants, and offer advice in how they can make their move as seamless as possible. Which removalists are best, where to find cheap furniture – that sort of thing. More than that however, for those worried about the bond, I direct them to Bond-Loans who specialise in bond assistance. Their small and manageable bond loans make it that much easier to afford moving out, with completely reasonable repayments.

Nothing but the best bond loans

It’s really no secret that moving out can be expensive. But perhaps what you didn’t know about is the amazing services that are available to help lift the financial burden of moving. I know I didn’t until just a few months ago. You see, I had planned to move out of my old rental property and into a new one, but had failed to take into consideration that my old bond would not be released in time to pay for the new one.

Consequently, I was pretty short on funds, so I had a look around to find some sort of solution. Bond Loans Brisbane turned out to be the answer, as they provided bond loans that had no fees for early payouts. Perfect.

Body pillows are perfect for your family

For all of your sleep enquiries, Ultimate Sleep are the perfect information resource for you and your whole family. How would I know? Because recently I needed some advice and they had the information I was looking for to help resolve the problem. It all started back when I noticed that my son began to struggle at school and was acting without thinking outside of school. I could barely keep his attention, and he just never seemed to be listening. My first thought was that he was just growing up and boys will be boys, however, when it failed to improve I decided that perhaps seeing a specialist would be beneficial.

He was diagnosed with ADHD, so I set about finding the best ways to manage the condition. Something I would have discounted if not for multiple articles online was how beneficial body pillows could be for children of his age with his condition. The design of the product would help alleviate feelings of anxiety and restlessness and could ensure a better night’s sleep for my son. I had absolutely no hesitation in purchasing one online and my son is definitely better for it. As I said, it’s something I’d recommend for the whole family.

The best for medical finance

All my life I’ve wanted nothing more than to be a mother, however recently I thought that this dream would never become a possibility. After a year of trying, my husband and I failed to conceive, so sought advice from fertility experts. It was absolutely heartbreaking to find out that conceiving naturally would be difficult for us, particularly given the prospect of IVF seemed financially out of our reach.

Luckily, the specialist we had chosen to see was the best in the business, and offered us the suggestion of medical finance. The small loan would allow us manageable repayments and facilitate our dreams of having a family. It was an easy decision to apply and before we knew it, Plastic Surgery Loans had afforded us the money we needed.

For mission hills golf China loves, speak to the experts

If there are two things I love it’s travelling and golf, so when I found a way to combine the two, it was a dream come true. It was down at the club one Sunday afternoon that I got to talking to another member who had recently returned from the best tour around mission hills golf China had to offer. The courses were varied degrees of difficulty, combined with the picturesque landscapes of China, making it a truly exceptional golfing experience.

When I asked for advice in planning my own trip he recommended that I speak to China Golf Experience as he did. They were instrumental in organising and refining the perfect golfing themed holiday and came highly recommended by him. I’ve since spoken to them and am in the process of booking my holiday.

Get your children ready thanks to keys 2 drive

Let me be frank – it’s only thanks to Excel Drive that I’m finally as ease with my children having their driving license. You see, when my eldest got his learners permit, we were all pretty excited he was growing up, and before we knew it, would be able to drive himself around. I certainly would not miss transporting him and his smelly belongings back and forth to Sunday football. Over the next two years my husband and I alternated his driving lessons between ourselves and when he finally turned eighteen, felt we had adequately prepared him to transition to his p-plates. Meanwhile, my daughter had just turned 16 and successfully passed her learners test, so was ready to start her own driving journey.

My son took his test and passed and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to see him out on his own. Now, I’d always heard that p-plate drivers were high risk, but as I said, I thought our son was well prepared, alas an accident indicated otherwise. He was fine but it certainly made me more hesitant to take my daughter driving, so I did some research that could minimise her risk. The keys 2 drive program was just the ticket, which provided an approach that would better prepare my daughter. Even better, Excel Drive offered the lesson for free so there was no reason not to book immediately. Both my children are now driving on their own, and I feel confident that it’s Excel Drive who’s helped their safety.


Start your holiday with Melbourne airport transfers

There’s really no question that getting to the airport can often be a real headache. Whether you’re fighting your way through traffic and then finding an overpriced car park miles away, resulting in you having to drag your luggage all the way to check in, or somehow convincing a friend to make the drive for you, the start of your holiday is far from relaxing. Personally I travelled interstate regularly for business and was sick of the drama, so organised Melbourne airport transfers for myself.

VHA Chauffeur were professional, timely and easily more competitive than the price of parking, so booking with them regularly has been an easy decision. I find their services heavily alleviate the stress of airports and have nothing but praise for them.